Monday, January 29, 2007

Lemon Basket

I intend to post this coz it really looks great on the table especially with sauce in it. It really makes the eyes eat first! It is very simple to make!

With one lemon, cut the bottom part just thin enough not to reach the flesh of the lemon; this will be the base of the basket. With a sharp knife, cut vertically until half way leaving ¼ inch from the center of the lemon top. Do the same on the opposite side. Cut horizontally until you reach the mark of the previous vertical cut and carefully remove the wedge shape of the lemon, doing the same on the other side. Now you got a basket form of lemon but with flesh inside. If you wish to put some sauce in it, remove the flesh carefully with small sharp knife to carve the edges and use a spoon to scoop the flesh inside. Really looks nice with salads and the dipping sauce in it!
I got this idea from a Canadian cook book which I think I should acknowledge here though I didn’t copy word for word but I did my own way as I did it! But I have the right to claim my
Photos as my own!
I'd like to encourage other bloggers who copy word for word from their sources. Some bloggers are not acknowledging their sources which is a form of plagiarism if copied word for word and claim it as their own.
Source : Australia Wide Cookbook, edition reprinted 1997,1998 by Ken Duncan
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