Monday, December 11, 2006


OOOps! loads of sorries! why? coz I've been out of the blogging world for quite sometime because I've been moving a lot! Where? Off from Angola, back to Philippines, then Paris, then back to Philippines, then finally... I landed in India! Currently I'm in Mumbai, though we havent settled yet in an apartment which I can't wait to have a new kitchen... (new laboratory!) :-) Well, to be in the "SPICE LAND" is quite interesting. Challenging to my tastebuds and my stomach! Everything is spicyyyyy! Well, am still in the stage of culture shock for the timebeing, as well as my tastebuds are. The things is, I've been staying in the hotel which has been a month now, desperately waiting for "negotiations" with the flat to be over and move in, but it seems like it will take ages!

Anyways, lots of spices and herbs to explore on. I don't know yet how much is the safron, but its quite interesting because it seems like an ordinary spice in the hotel.. I assume it must be cheaper than in other countries. As far as my exposure to safron is concern, I treat them like "GOLD" in my kitchen before.

Well, for the time being, I can't post something I cooked as I am not settled yet, but I'll be posting some of my unforgettable dishes that I had.

I'm glad I'm back to blogging world! I hope to keep on posting!
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