Tuesday, December 27, 2005

xmas desserts

Christmas cake

I am using the same cake stand I’ve made last year, but it looks very different from that of last Christmas. Last year’s Christmas cake is here.

This time, I put candies all over the round stem of the stand. They are very cheap candies that are nicely wrapped strawberry prints and with green stem. So, I took advantage of sticking them using a scotch tape to accent Christmas colors. Kids had fun taking them out during the party, which its made for the purpose. At the base side, I made some macaroons that anyone can pick and have a taste of this coconut dessert.

Berries with whipped cream

Got a handful of berries of each kind and played with its presentation. This time I got strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. I think they look gorgeous sitting in a base. How to make the base? Good you asked. It is just as simple as learning your ABC. It is made of pound biscuits mixed with softened butter and molded into a desired shape. If you like to add a kick to it, just add a splash of whiskey.

And look.. they look stunning in layers too!

I'm just having fun with berries :-)
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