Tuesday, December 13, 2005

You Are What You Eat Food Meme: My 10 Favorite Foods

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Aha… is this the newest meme around the food blogging world? Oh yes I am tagged with the latest meme by Paz of The cooking adventure of chef Paz

Okay okay… I have to admit I am having a hard time thinking what’s gonna be my top 10 favorite foods because I have loads of favorite foods and they change as my tastes buds are becoming more and more adventurous. I may have some favorites before which may not be my favorite now, or I may have some foods that I’m craving today that may not be my favorite next month coz I found another. My passion in food keeps on growing and this is the reason why I have this food blog.

Well, to make things easy, I take the freedom to choose from my all time favorites and seasonal favorites. Foods that are close to my heart. It may be old and new favorites. I am not putting them in order so to make things sound easier.

Seafoods – Fish, Lobster, shrimps, Squid, mussels and crabs are my all time favorite. I love them grilled, stir-fried, braised and steamed. Luckily I got no allergy like many others.

Rice – I am a rice eater. I love to infuse different flavors in rice. Got collection of rice recipes HERE .

Humba – My all time favorite, but it has to be cooked by my brother Chee Dee. He got the recipe that is handed down from the family. For now, he is the only one who knows how to make the best humba in the family. For this reason I feel that I need to rescue this recipe and method of cooking. For me, it’s the best pork recipe in the world! If I will succeed to make it once, I will post it, promise. So far, I never succeeded it yet. It is my mission when I’ll go home on January to get it perfectly done his way. Tell you what, you’ll love it until the last bit!

Couscous – I love couscous because its very quick and easy to prepare. Like rice, couscous is very versatile. I am playing with flavors to incorporate with couscous. It absorb flavors easily. Couscous, according to my research, is a popular dish in Morocco and North Africa made from semolina (coarsely ground wheat) Hubby, French national, introduced it to me when we were not married yet. Now, it is becoming a regular alternate of pasta and rice.

Philippine Mango – I have to specify because I have tasted several mangoes from different countries like mangoes from UK, India, Pakistan, and Angola they are not as tasty as Philippine mangoes. Unless if I can taste mangoes that are more tastier than Philippine mango then I might change my mind. I love them green and ripe.

Cheese balls - my new favorite. I made it once and I hardly can stop munching more. So, I am making them more often. The recipe is HERE

Chicken – I like them grilled or fried like KFC’s. Reminds me of one restaurant in my place called citiburger. They serve a great roasted chicken thighs. Chicken recipes HERE.

Vegetables – Hmmm… load of vegetables. Do I need to mention them all? I think its gonna be long. Generally, I love all kinds of vegetables. See? I’m not that very hard to please. I eat almost everything. Vegetable recipes HERE .

Desserts - what is my favorite dessert? Ohhh dear, I can’t count. I love to have a dessert after a meal especially if I’m having seafoods. There is this urge to cleanse the palate or at least get rid of the flavors from the sea after eating. This is the reason why I got a collection of desserts HERE.

Dark chocolate and coffee - If I am to make a choice what I’m going to have every time I wake up in the morning, it would be a hot mug of coffee and cold dark chocolate cake. Hand me the remote please, CNN! Then, I’m in heaven. It’s something to die for! Coffee addict. I might be very choosy with the chocolate cake. It must be dark and moist chocolate with the taste of bitterness of real cocoa.

That’s it? Only 10? How about Pringles?? My favorite chips! Once you pop, you can’t stop! This is exactly my reaction the moment I knew I had written ten favorite foods already.

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