Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Eggplant Rollatini

Eggplant rollatini

Eggplant Rollatini - grilled eggplant stuffed with fetta cheese, topped with diced tomatoes dressed with olive oil and fresh basil.

This is my favorite appetizer in T.G.I. FRIDAYS restaurant and this is a home-made version the way my taste buds interpreted it. It looks small but its really more than enough for a dinner portion, served with bread. Gotta post it here so i won't forget how it is done. I'm gonna do this every now and then. In this dish, basil is really important. The aroma and taste goes well with the mild tastes of eggplant and cheese.  Hubby added a dash of balsamic vinegar to add sharpness.  This is way better than the Friday's rollatini.


2 long eggplants (1 foot long)
100 g fetta cheese
1 large tomato
fresh basil leaves
Olive oil for tomato dressing
Salt and pepper

Slice the eggplant into thin strips along with its length. Brush with olive oil and season with pepper. (didn't put salt on the eggplant as the fetta will take care of the saltiness). Grill until eggplant turns slightly brown. Allow to cool enough to handle. Spread fetta cheese on the grilled eggplant and roll up. secure with a tooth pick.

While the eggplant is grilling, prepare the tomato salad. In a bowl, put the olive oil and finely diced fresh basil, season with salt and pepper. Add the diced tomatoes and set aside.

After rolling up the eggplant with the fetta cheese, arrange the rollatinis in a serving dish and top it with the prepared tomato salad.

This served 8 rollatinis.

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