Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lasang Pinoy (LP 24) Loco over coco

It has been ages since I haven’t participated in Lasang Pinoy, a monthly food blog event that features a taste of Filipino Cuisine. For this month’s theme of Lasang Pinoy hosted by Kai of Bucaio features one of the most important ingredient which has been intertwined with Filipino cuisine as well as Philippine culture. I’m talking about the famous COCONUT. For more details about this month’s Lasang Pinoy theme,click HERE

“Thou shall not underestimate the Coconut”
Coconut does not only plays a huge part in Filipino cooking but it signifies life to many Filipinos who depended on their livelihood in coconut industry in the old days up to the present. To name a few products of coconut that has imparted in the lives of many; Copra (dried coconut), desiccated coconut, coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut lumber, and the list goes on.. etc.

The wonders this plant had brought to us are countless. In the field of construction, the trunk is used as lumber while bark is used as decorative slabs. The coconut leaves are weaved to make walls to some native houses or soaked and weaved to make roofs for nipa huts, the sticks are made into brooms while the rest is used as firewood. The fruit itself plays a major influence in Philippine cooking and it can be eaten by itself or as a thirst quencher. Women used as beauty regimen to oil their hairs. For beauty regimen uses, I came across this website:COCONUT HAVEN which is worth a visit.

Buko Halo
Buko Halo is one of the specialties of Jo’s Chicken Inato restaurant in Dumaguete City. Personally one of my favorites. Made of Fresh Coconut intact in its shell, crushed ice, sweetened ube, milk, mango, jackfruit, large sago or gulaman, and banana. Perfect for a summer treat or anytime of the year.

This is our nipa hut which we placed in front of our house. The framings are made of coconut lumber and roof is made of Nipa or coconut leaves. The walls are made of bamboo. It is great for afternoon siesta where you just like to lie down, put your feet up and catch your zzzzzzzzzzzzz…. I guarantee you, you don’t need an air conditioning unit coz the light breeze gives you the perfect temperature.

In Philippines, nothing is wasted in a coconut tree. It has a number of uses from roots to leaves in various many ways. “Tuba” is a famous alcoholic drink made from coconut sap. It is sweet when it is fresh and will turn sour after a few days and eventually become an organic vinegar after few weeks. Tuba is also used as a leavening agent in making breads.

In cooking, countless recipes of main courses and desserts can be made using coconut as the main ingredient and each dish is varies from one region to another.

One of the popular desserts is coconut macaroons which I have posted long time back. Picture below:

Browse recipe of coconut macaroons by clicking HERE

The picturesque Philippine landscape is not complete without coconut trees. Can you imagine these photos with out the coconuts as an element of each picture?

Dumaguete City Boulevard

Dumaguete City boulevard

Sta. Monica, Dumaguete City

Bahura Resort, Bacong, Negros Oriental

Somewhere in between Bais and Mabinay, Negros Oriental.
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