Thursday, January 05, 2006

French Cheese: Epoisses


I’ve been itching to write about cheese before and eventually my interest in writing about it faded because I am confused with all kinds of cheeses. Not until last night we had this (super baho) very smelly cheese that itched me again to write about cheeses. I find the smell so awful but at the back of my mind I am so curious to challenge myself to taste it and eventually like it. First bite, I said it smells like patis (fish sauce); second bite, I said it smells like dried squid, and there was the third bite, I am savoring its succulent flavor of the cheese.. and there was fourth and on and on… behind that awful aroma tastes a pungent and succulent taste. But hey, you need something else to balance its taste and get rid of the smell. And of course, we didn’t eat cheese alone. We ate it with bread. The more I tasted it the more I liked it and I ended up asking; What is this kind of cheese? Which region in France does it come from? Are all smelly cheeses good? Okay, I think I’ll blog on it.

I am totally ignorant when it comes to cheese and all its kinds (there are hundreds of them) and I am confused with their names and their smells but I find this distinct aroma and taste unique. I’ve tasted some that hubby grabs from the French shop in town. I’m starting to like each kind. Of all the cheeses I’ve tasted this one stinks but tasty after a few bites. I’m starting to like it as well.

In terms of wines that complement certain cheeses, I know nothing about it,but the wine we had works so well with the smelly cheese. It is called “DEFESA” , red wine and product of Portugal. It is spicy red wine. I like its taste as it clears my mouth after having some epoisses.

I think I need another section in my blog huh! "Cheese" I'll think about having a go for it. Things that I know nothing about except eat them and drink them. I'm talking about cheese and wine. Hmmm?? I dont know yet if I'll blog on them, could be interesting. My French husband is very influential in food as well as he is influenced with Filipino foods.

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