Thursday, January 05, 2006



“CACHAÇA” (pronounced as ca-sha-sa), which is spirit distilled from sugar cane, an essential ingredient for caipirinha. This popular Brazilian drink is very easy to prepare. I love caipirinha and I always have some CACHAÇA at home, I’m not drinking it everyday but I feel like having some from time to time and I like to serve it for visitors as an appetizing drink served with some chippies and olives.

For 1 glass of caipirinha:

2 pieces lime
2 tablespoons sugar
1 glass finely crushed ice
1 shot of CACHAÇA

Cut off the ends of the lime with the white pitt and slice into two. Remove the white pitt at the center of each slice and cut into 2 parts. Litterally cut them into quarts without the bitter pitt at the center of the lime. Place the lime into a glass and add sugar; combine two ingredients by crushing with pestle until well combine and juice of the lime is well mixed with sugar. Add finely crushed ice and CACHAÇA; shake the mixture with a shaker. Pour back to the glass and serve.

For information how to make CACHAÇA, check this out:
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