Thursday, January 27, 2005

About the "Kitchen Journal"

Welcome to my Kitchen... This is a learning page for cooking enthusiasts like me. I am keeping this journal to keep record of the things I do in the kitchen and share some ideas on "basic cooking" and recipes. I update this page every now and then so you can check anytime for some recent posts.

Here, I share recipes that I have practically made in our kitchen, cooking tips that I have learned from TV shows, from the net, cookbooks and from my practical failures. How else could anybody master a craft but by constant practice!

Share stories about bringing food to the dinner table! Add some comments or ask questions on each recipe and I would be willing to answer as much as I can. Let’s make this place a learning page!
There are lots of ways of preparing foods, and each one differs from one another due to availability of sources and quality of ingredients.

Share your recipes too and pass it around!! That is the true meaning of
S-H-A-R-I-N-G ... Enjoy browsing!!

by Grace Ediza Virlouvet

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