Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Why chew when you can drink #3

Why chew when you can drink #3
Why chew when you can drink series is a series of different flavored 
morning shakes, fully loaded with various ingredients that boosts energy for the morning rush. It doesn't mean we are not chewing anything at all.. it's just that some veggies are taken well when sipped than chewed, besides its quick and easy. Seriously, how much time you need to chew all of these

Putting them in the blog for my review from time to time. Man , sometimes i just run out of ideas what's gonna be the next dominant flavor! Those tastebuds need to be tickled early in the morning so no fuzz til lunch!

Just mix everything in the blender and good to go! The amount of each ingredient is all up to you. Go ahead and do some alterations what ever you have in the fridge! and ohh, dont forget to throw in some nuts.. I't will keep you going ..

I hope you enjoy this website. Have fun in the kitchen
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