Monday, September 15, 2014


Base :  Ready made whole grain toasted savory biscotti ( I used Melba Snacks)

For the toppings, I mixed yogurt, cucumber and cream cheese and added some herbs.  One mixture I added dill and another mixture I added basil.

smoked salmon (flaked)
finely diced peppers (green, yellow, orange and red)

In some servings i skipped the cream mixture as for some who doesn't like cream based topping. For a healthier option, I just added directly on the savory biscotti a mixture of tomato,basil,grated garlic and olive oil to make mini bruschetta. Some I just added only the peppers.

These bite portions are perfect for gatherings.  There's always something to much while Hubby is busy grilling.  Kids loved the mini bruschetta.  
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