Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Stir-fried seafoods with salad

got this pack of frozen mixed seafoods sitting in the freezer for awhile. In it are slice squid, clams(meat only), mussels and scallops.   i wouldnt say its not great but it was a little bit tricky as i put it out of the fridge on the last minute, probably it would have been easier if had it planned and thawed it earlier. Well, it took a while to stir-fry as it turned watery at first, then i took some if the liquid out of the pan, otherwise it will be boiled.  I lost some if the flavors, but i got no choice.  I am surprised the squid and scallop didnt turn out rubbery as i expected.  Served it with salad.  Nevertheless, different twist for dinner tonight.  Hubby made the lemon vinaigret for the salad. 

Note to self: dont buy that frozen seafood mix again.  It is not cooking evenly because it has different size of of meats.  

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