Monday, May 09, 2011

Mothers Day Special

Mothers’ Day Special

I’ve been wanting to make these cakes long time back, but it was just a project in my mind waiting for an occasion. Mothers’ Day seems to be perfect for this project. 

Originally the project was mini cakes covered in fondant, but I personally don’t like the taste of fondant icing, however they really look neat and majestic.  I’m more considering of the consumption of the icing rather than seeing the icing on the side of the plate uneaten. That would break my heart to see that.  Of all the effort you’ve spent making the cake beautiful, they are not eaten in most cases.  This is why I prefer tasty icing on my cakes and try to make them look beautiful as I can. But for this project, I have put myself up to the test of making my own fondant flowers. This took so much of the time making individual flowers but it was worth the effort when I saw them on the cake!  I searched high and low on how-to videos how to do them, some are really great instructional videos in YouTube.  Thanks for that.  I really plan to make my own how-to videos one of these days as some of what I’m doing I’ve learned from other crafts in other medium like soap moulding and most of the time playing with play-dough with my daughter.

The idea of small baskets is inspired by the theme, mothers day.. I just think a bouquet of flowers is just wonderful for every woman, hence I made these little basket filled with fondant flowers of carnation of different shades, roses, drop flowers and calla lilly.

The cake is made of madeira cake, as it last long without the need of chilling, iced in butter cream.  The handles are in fondant.

Where do these cakes ended up? Nope I didn’t eat all of them.  I gathered some mommy friends around, had tea at home and gave each one edible bouquet of flowers in a basket.  We had one of the cakes to go with the tea, I kept the pink rose basket for my daughter and gave them the rest.  I can't be happy enough for this project.

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