Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chicken Pop Corn

Chicken Popcorn

The nostalgia…
This post brings me back to the years when my brother cez and I used to have KFC Chicken Popcorn in Abu Dhabi when ever we pass by KFC, we always get 1 large box of chicken popcorn and share over a chit-chat break; digging our fingers alternatively in that box that our hands barely fit in. We both just love it every now and then.  We were just one sweet couple in that place and everybody is buzzing that brother Cez got a girlfriend! We just exchange smiles to let them believe so and we laugh it out loud after..  Yeah, those were the moments.. Chicken Popcorn moments.
Chicken Cubes coated in
bread crumbs

Cooking this at home, makes me miss u much brother. Hope we get to catch up each other soon.

Chicken Popcorn was one of my favorite take-away finger foods of KFC-Abu Dhabi.  Other KFCs from other countries are not making chicken pop corn, so it has been a while for me that i didn't get to taste this crispy on the outside and soft inside, popcorn shaped chicken.

The Recipe
Chicken breast, cut into cubes
Bread crumbs
Salt and pepper to taste
Oil for deep frying

Cooked chicken popcorn
drained in kitchen paper towel
There’s nothing to be precise about measurement, you just have to estimate the proportion of bread crumbs according to the amount of chicken.

Season chicken breast with salt and pepper, toss it into a bowl of bread crumbs to coat the chicken and deep-fry by batches.  Fry in low fire until golden brown. Drain in Kitchen Paper Towel so that oil will will be absorbed and keeps the chicken popcorn from getting soggy.

If I am in Phil, I'll be tempted to add into the breadcrumbs some seasoning like, crispy fry or magic sarap just because there is.  Here, I don't stock them in the pantry so I wont be tempted to use ready-made seasonings with MSG.
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