Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This is honestly yet another experiment. It worked but it could be improved. One good thing of homemade food is you can customize it according to your liking. For this, I opted to use low fat milk instead of full cream milk for a healthier choice.
An inspiration of this is an ice cream in a box that I had in India way back when we resided there, and it was really easy serving it in slices than scoops. That made me think one day, I will make an ice cream sandwich of my own.
I had made ice creams before in different flavors and I’m trying something different with a different way of serving it. The ice cream is served in slices like sliced bread instead of usual way of serving it by scoops. This way, it is easier to serve and you don’t have to wait for the ice cream to melt a little bit in order to scoop. So the idea is to make an ice cream in a loaf bread shape.
For this recipe, I made a separate thin layer of angel cake for the base and the top of the ice cream. I will not post the procedure of the cake here since the post is an ice cream, I may post the cake recipe some other time.
For this recipe, I did not use an ice cream maker and it turns just fine.
The verdict: It was just average, but will soon make it again improving on the flavors, H suggested adding berries in it, and if I could find real vanilla pods out of luck would be a plus! And oh, I should put more chocolate next time.

1. Make the ice cream. Basic Ice Cream recipe is posted in my older post. You may access it HERE. I can’t find real vanilla pods here, so I used only vanilla essence which is incomparable to the real vanilla pod. You may substitute the flavoring with any other flavor you like.

2. Assemble the sandwich:

Using a rectangular shaped container, place a cling film and press it with your fingers covering the whole area of the container and overlay extra at the sides for the top.

Place the thin layer of cake which is cut into the same size of the base of the container.

Add ice cream mixture and spread it on top of the cake.

Add another thin layer of cake on top of the ice cream mixture.

Add melted chocolates on top of the ice cream mixture. Add the remaining ice cream mixture.

With the remaining cling film that was overlaid on the sides, fold it inside ways to close the mixture in and close with the lid of the container.
Freeze for 4 hours.

Serve in slices by cutting a knife just like slicing a loaf of bread.
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