Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kitchen fixtures

Been shopping something for my kitchen. I was looking for a multipurpose working table and found out this collection of enclume pot racks which look cheek and multi functional. I really need this one to have the things I need within my reach when I'm cooking or baking. This would perfectly fit in our outdoor kitchen in the barbeque area. All I need is to gather all my things and put them above or below this rack and use the board as my working table. This would complement our outdoor brick oven too! Perfect for barbi time!

Another thing that I wished I have in my kitchen is this:I would love to have this unit added to my kitchen so I can see all the pots and pans. When I need to grab one in the middle of cooking I can see it immediately without making a mess, no need of opening cabinet doors with oily hands. Oh and I love these kinds of pots and pans too!
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