Friday, February 08, 2008

Pesto Pasta with tuna

Pasta Pesto with Tuna

I could have been proud if I made this, but I did not. In fact I’m even prouder coz DH made tonight’s dinner which is fantastic! How it all started? Well, he was just quietly playing his PC game at the terrace and I was just hanging around looking at our fast growing herbs when I asked him how to make a pesto.

He just pouted his lips and said, “I don’t know …hmmm… u may need some pine nuts and of course olive oil and the herbs. Why do you ask?”
“I’m just thinking of pesto with pasta” since we got nice fresh herbs (Thai basil, purple basil, sweet basil and parsley)

Then I settled for his answer and told him; “Okay, let me do a little research” then went back to the study room to search for a recipe of pesto. But before I could finish my research, my Dear Hubby is already in the kitchen pounding some fresh herbs in the mortar and pestle. I can’t really tell the details of what he did coz, once he is in the kitchen I leave him alone to do his stuff, otherwise, two chefs in the kitchen would often argue. So I left him alone. After some time, the whole house smells heavenly with the herbs. Pasta was done and he is mixing pesto with tuna, then tossed together with the pasta. Dinner was ready! Yumm! it was unforgettable…

“Wait, can I take a picture and put in my journal for my reference?”
“But you didn’t make it yourself”
“Of course I’m not going to claim it myself that I did’ it”

Obviously, I had his approval before he had his first bite.
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