Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Double Boiler

What is a double boiler? I feel like I need to post about a double boiler as not everyone knows what it really is and I am using it more often in some of the recipes.

A double boiler consists of two sauce pans. A large sauce pan and a small sauce pan. The large pan is used to boil water and the smaller pan is where you usually put the ingredients which you are going to cook. A recipe usually calls for a double boiler if the ingredients used requires indirect heat for controlled temperature cooking. Cooking that requires not more than the boiling point or 100 degrees C. For example, melting chocolate or butter, making custards and certain sauces, etc. With the indirect heat, this prevents from burning your sauces or chocolates, or scrambling your custards. Theoretically, you cook over simmering water, hence, not directly from the flame.

There are available double boilers in the market that you can choose from, but for me, I just assemble 2 ordinary pans (shown in the picture). The effect is the same, but it won’t cost me much for the same purpose. Choose the pans with long handles, it is easy to use.
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