Monday, January 29, 2007

Roasted Chicken

Roasted Chicken
There maybe a hundred ways of roasting chicken but this one is quicker than usual roasted whole chicken! Tender and juicy!
1 whole chicken
1 lemon
5 cloves garlic
salt and pepper
Fresh Mint
Preheat oven to 250 degrees C. Butterfly the chicken (Literally cutting the chicken in half starting from the breast down to the bottom of the chicken but not cutting the back bones) like a butterfly. Crush 5 cloves of garlic, fresh mint, salt and pepper.Work the skin starting with your fingers, insert the garlim in between the skin and the flesh working from bottom part of the chicken forming a pocket. Separate the tissues by pushing further your hand into the leg part, breasts and wings. Insert Spices into the just formed pocket and rub the spices to the flesh.Add slices of lemon in it.Squeeze the rest of the lemon over the whole chicken and season the other side with salt and pepper. Pan-fry the chicken skin side down with olive oil until golden. This would take around 6 – 8 minutes each side. Transfer to oven proof dish and straight to the hot oven for 45 minutes. Done!
Serve while still hot.
To make the gravy:
With the meat drippings in the pan (where the chicken was fried) add ½ cup of water, chicken cube (stock), 1 tsp. cornstarch, and season with pepper.Note: The herbs doesn’t really matter particularly mint. I just used mint because I have it fresh from the garden. Parsley, Corriander, lemon grass would be great as well, I think. I just found out that mint and garlic are good friends! The mint refreshes the garlicky flavor and broken by the lemon.. Really works well.
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