Monday, January 29, 2007


Passion Fruit Ice Cream

The passion fruit in the garden had been bearing fruits since January, but don’t know really what else to prepare other than eating it raw or mixing it with fruit juice which we are having everyday. Figured out that I could incorporate the flavor with ice cream but was hesitant with the acidity it has might break the custard mixture. I risked making one yesterday, fortunately it is fine! This is not my favorite nor hubby’s but it could be a good alternative. Just play with presentation! I didn’t use a goblet this time but the shell of the passion fruit itself! I like the handle.. toothpick with raisins! Tsk.. tsk… again.. “for the sake of aRt”Use the basic ice cream recipe, add passion fruit while making the custard during the constant stirring stage when you are waiting for the mixture to thicken in low fire, but pass through a fine sift when custard is done. Just to get rid of the seeds, they might destroy the ice cream maker and besides it is tough to eat. But when eaten raw, it’s okay for me though.
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