Thursday, November 24, 2005

Weekend dog blogging # 11

Hello everyone, my name is Ivor Virlouvet, a rottweiler. I’m the one and only pet of the owner of this website who happens to be my Mom. My mom thinks that I’m cute so she decided to join this blogging event called weekend dog blogging hosted by

Today, I have to talk about myself since I’m given a chance, I love to take the opportunity. I love to pose for photographs and I am the favorite subject of my mom’s passion in photography.

My mom is quite busy lately with blogging on food, I have to mention how grateful I am everyday coz she is the one cooking 1 whole chicken for me. Did I say 1 chicken everyday? Yes! I did. I’m quite big so I can consume that much, are u surprised? Currently I’m weighing about 60 kilos! That’s not a joke, in fact if stand on my rear 2 legs, I am taller than my mom! To compensate my big consumption, I am helping mom in the kitchen. I don’t mess around, I stay in one corner and wait for some graces that would fall from mom’s working area. Especially when she’s chopping meat or whipping cream, I love to lick the floor so mom doesn’t have to clean the floor. Despite from that, I am guarding her all day long. And when Daddy comes, I love to sit in-between them as they watch TV. I don’t know why, but I love the feeling to be cuddled every time. What else can I say about me, I love to drink ‘cointreu” mom’s favorite drink. I love cheese, just like my Dad, I love chips, I love to play my ball specially my new rugby ball and love to annoy Dad if he is not in the mood in playing! I like him to chase me around the table for him to get my ball, is it naughty enough? Well, I do some nasty things sometimes like destroying daddy’s black socks! I love to take them off from him! Lol! I don’t know why! Talking about being nasty, I love to bit butts! Specially black butts! Ha ha ! A lot more being nasty but I wouldn’t tell you.

Well, I could be obedient sometimes. I sit and wait when they say so specially during lunch when my food is ready, I am patiently staying put in one place sitting and waiting for my fried chicken, and hey, I complain if its not well fried huh! I just smell them and don’t eat them, but if they are not giving me something else, I have no choice but to eat what is on the plate! Anyways, I think that’s all folks coz if you let me tell u all about myself, its gonna be long.

If you like to see more pictures of me, you may click here and see how mom makes a whole lot of fun of me! What can I say… Happy Blogging everyone!

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